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PR Visa

Starting Your Journey of Permanent Residency in Canada: The Canada PR Visa provides those looking for long-term residency a path towards long-term stability in this nation. Secure your future with Modern Edge Immigration Services’ Canada PR Visa assistance. We take an innovative and modern approach to permanent residency, offering seamless transition into vibrant and fulfilling life in Canada. This visa gives individuals and families an opportunity to become permanent residents, taking advantage of Canada’s social services, healthcare systems and education systems. Canada takes great care in selecting individuals who will contribute to its future prosperity, which is reflected by an exhaustive evaluation process that examines factors like education, work experience and language proficiency during its application process. 


Application Process

1. Eligibility Assessment

Find out if you are eligible for a Canada PR visa with a thorough assessment of the requirements.

2. Create Express Entry Profile

Make sure that you construct the Express Entry profile carefully in order to assure completeness and accuracy.

3. Enhance CRS Score

Improve CRS scores by improving the level of your language or getting more qualifications.

4. Receive Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Expect the invitation to apply (ITA) after completing the qualification and a ranking in the Express Entry pool.

5. Submit Permanent Residency Application

Submit a carefully prepared Permanent Residency application complying with all regulations.

6. Documentation and Verification

Take your time during the processing time and then wait for the final outcome with confidence.

Eligibility for Canada's PR Visa

Eligibility for canada's PR visa requires

Express Entry Eligibility

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Documentation and Verification

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