Canada Super Visa

This visa stands out for its extended validity

Super Visa

Experience family reunion like never before with Modern Edge Immigration Services’ Super Visa assistance, providing an effortless experience for you and your loved ones. The Canada Super Visa is an innovative immigration initiative which permits parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to stay for extended periods in Canada. This visa stands out for its extended validity; approved applicants can stay up to two years without needing to renew. It was created as part of Canada’s Super Visa program in order to facilitate family reunification by providing extended and flexible visitation options. To qualify, applicants must fulfill certain criteria, such as providing proof of their relationship, passing medical exams and securing Canadian medical insurance. This initiative showcases Canada’s dedication to foster family ties while creating opportunities for extended visits – thus contributing to its immigration landscape and overall immigration landscape.


Application Process

1. Eligibility Check

Check eligibility for a super visa based on family ties and requirements

2. Invitation Letter

Obtain an invitation letter from family in Canada

3. Application Submission

Submit super visa applications to Canadian immigration authorities

4. Supporting Documents

Provide supporting documents like passport, proof of relationship and finances and obtain your super visa number.
Before arriving to Canada

5. Medical Examination

Undergo a medical examination in order to meet Canadian health standards

6. Canadian Medical Insurance

Secure Canadian medical insurance for the duration of stay.

Eligibility for Canada's Super Visa

Eligibility for canada's Super visa requires

Family Relationship

Invitation Letter

Clean Criminal Record

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