Canada Visitor/ Tourist Visa

A pathway for international students

Visitor/ Tourist Visa

Modern Edge Immigration Services’ Tourist/Visitor Visa services add a modern flair to your Canadian travel plans, creating a memorable and stress-free journey through beautiful Canadian landscapes. The Canada Visitor/Tourist Visa is designed for short-term stays, permitting individuals to visit Canada for leisure, tourism or visiting friends and family. Applicants must show they intend to leave after their authorized stay, have adequate funds for expenses, pose no security or health risks and don’t pose any security or health threats during biometric data collection (in some cases). Visitors usually receive permission for up to six months stay without being permitted to work or study; complying with visa conditions such as adhering to its duration limit and purchasing travel insurance is vital to having an enjoyable trip across Canada!


Minor Children
Traveling to Canada

It is essential to know what steps need to be taken if your minor children (those under 18) will be traveling either with you, another adult, or independently to Canada.

Some individuals are Disallowed to Canada

Some individuals are  disallowed to Canada for various reasons, which means they cannot enter. You could be forbidden on account of: Criminality, Security, Financial, Misrepresentation… much more.

Application Process

1.Eligibility Check

Ascertain eligibility for a visitor/tourist visa based on travel intent and requirements.

2. Complete the Application Form

Finish an accurate application form

3. Gather Supporting Documents

Collect supporting documents like passport, travel itinerary and financial proof.

4. Pay the Application fee

Pay your application fee either online or through designated methods.

5. Submit the Application

Submit it either electronically or at an application center.

6. Wait for processing and decision

Await processing and decision by Canadian immigration authorities.

Eligibility for Canada's Visitor/Tourist Visa

Eligibility for canada's Visitor/Tourist Visa requires

Purpose of Visit

Ties to Home Country

Financial Ability

Compliance with Visa Conditions

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