Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Quick answers to common questions about Modern edge visa and immigration services

Modern Edge Immigration caters to different family visas available that are available for New Zealand, including spouse parents, dependent, and spouse visas. Our customized approach will ensure the smoothest transfer for your family members to be able to live with you in New Zealand.

Experience Europe without worry or stress by consulting Modern Edge Immigration's advice regarding tourist visas for European destinations. Discover its diverse landscapes and cultures without stress!

Our experience in Australian immigration distinguishes us from other. Modern Edge Immigration offers personalized support, clear communication and a dedication to making your visa application to Australia successful.

Our comprehensive support for Canadian study visa applications includes assistance in university selection, document prep and navigating the application process for each study visa application.

Explore exciting career options in Australia by partnering with Modern Edge Immigration. We help you secure work visas, which ensures an easy transition into the Australian work market for the most rewarding professional experience.


Absolutely. Our team of experts is specialized with UK family visas, and will ensure that your family's transition is smooth to joining you. We offer personalized assistance to help you meet the essential requirements to be successful in your application.


To help you plan your US excursion, we'll assist you through the application for a tourist visa and provide the required documentation such as itinerary of travel, details about accommodation and financial statements for an easy experience.

Find the business opportunity in Europe by consulting with our experts. We can assist you in the process of submitting your application, and ensure that your journey to obtain a business visa is simple and in compliance to European regulations.