Canada Work/LMIA Visa

Work Visa accompanied by an LMIA

Work/LMIA Visa

Canada’s Work/LMIA visa opens the doors to exciting employment opportunities for skilled workers. Also known as the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) visa, this program permits individuals to temporarily or permanently work in Canada depending on job offer and qualifications. With an emphasis on attracting skilled talent, Canada provides an efficient process for obtaining this LMIA visa so employers have access to talent while giving workers a chance to contribute their expertise towards Canada’s vibrant workforce – from flourishing industries to diverse cultural experiences, this visa program welcomes professionals from around the globe looking to enrich its economy and society by joining its workforce – regardless of country or origin!

Application process

1. Job Offer and LMIA Approval

Obtain job offer and LMIA approval from employer.

2. Acceptance and Application Submission

Accept offer and submit visa application to Canadian authorities.

3. Documentation Compilation

Complete required documents (forms and supporting materials). i

4. Biometrics and Medical Examination

Undergo biometrics testing as per visa requirements and undergo medical exams accordingly.

5. Application Processing

Wait for application processing by Canadian immigration authorities

6. Approval, Entry, and Work Commencement

Once approved enter Canada and start work as specified on your visa.

What Happens After LMIA is Approved?

When an Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is deemed acceptable in Canada an employer can begin hiring an international worker for the job. The worker, then will be able to utilize the LMIA in order to obtain an Work Visa or permit. This permits workers to legally be employed in Canada and to fulfill the role as specified in the LMIA. Once they arrive in Canada and assuming work, both the employer as well as the worker from abroad are required to adhere to the rules stipulated in the approved LMIA. This is an essential aspect to ensure your hiring procedure is aligned with Canada’s policies and goals in the field of labor and contributes to a clear and controlled system of hiring international workers within Canada.

Eligibility for Canada's Work/LMIA Visa

Eligibility for canada's Work/LMIA Visa

Job Offer

LMIA Approval

Skills and Qualifications

Valid Passport

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